Your benefits

The EH Factory supports your company in the following areas:

  • CNC turning
  • CNC milling
  • CNC grinding
  • Surface finishing
  • Design, measurement and planning

The advantages are many: on the one hand we have enough space and we have an extensive state-of-the-art machinery, on the other hand employees with decades of experience go to work. In all these areas we have both excellent expertise and numerous references. In other words: we are grown professionals and every task.

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In line with the customer

Another advantage is that we always think along the lines of our customers. Upon request, we understand ourselves as a pure subcontractor, but we are also in a position to contribute our creativity and solution orientation. You will be amazed how advantageous a change of perspective can be.

  • Customers come to us, among other things, when
  • the own capacities were exhausted
  • the right machines are missing
  • It is special tasks for which no machine should be purchased
  • the internal know-how is insufficient
  • there is not enough space to process the desired quantity.

For all these possible constellations, we represent the solution. EH Factory covers 2,700 square meters and employs more than 85 people. Our company is located in the heart of Europe, more precisely in Naumburg, not far from Kassel.

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Quality as you expect it

Quality is very important to us and is constantly monitored and controlled as part of our internal quality control. In addition, we are always there for you as a contact person, from the order placement through the conception to implementation and final inspection.

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