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We bundle competences in our EH Factory. And take over numerous CNC work for your company. We own the machines. We bundle the know-how. We deliver quality. Uncompromising and versatile.

Our orientation is our customers and their benefits. We work accurately and precisely. Deliver on time and on fair terms. We like to see ourselves as your long-term partner in production.

EH Factory – when it needs to get better.

CNC Solutions

CNC turning

We cover the area of CNC turning with seven machines at the same time. Depending on the individual order, either the conventional or NC lathes are used or we can complete your task on one of our three state-of-the-art CNC lathes.

Our lathes in the CNC area enable the machining of workpieces up to 2,000 millimeters long and 560 millimeters in diameter. Precision is very important to us – down to the smallest detail.

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CNC milling

In CNC milling, two milling or turning centers, as well as a pure milling machine and a lathe with milling potential, come to work in the EH Factory.

We see our core competence in the development of prototypes of complex milled parts up to small series. To ensure precision in the μ range, we use the latest CNC milling technology and work with five-axis milling. We are safe in dealing with CAD / CAM software and make the impossible possible.

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CNC grinding

CNC grinding takes place at EH Factory on seven grinding machines. We cover both internal and external grinding.

The outer grinding takes place within a diameter between ten and 350 millimeters and up to 1,500 millimeters in length. The same length is also possible with internal grinding, whereby we work for you up to a bore depth of 200 millimeters and a bore diameter between 15 and 180 millimeters.

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